Facelift – McLean, Virginia

Men and women are equally good candidates for facelift (rhytidectomy) plastic surgery. McLean, Virginia plastic surgeon Dr. Germain performs this facial cosmetic surgery procedure to counteract signs of aging. Symptoms include sagging of the face and neck due to aging, gravity, or any number of other factors.

A facelift can make patients look ten or more years younger. McLean, Virginia facelift plastic surgery with plastic surgeon Dr. Germain can provide a naturally more youthful and expressive appearance to match the way the patient may feel.

Best of all, the results of this cosmetic surgery can last for many years, leaving patients looking and feeling younger even as they continue to age after the facelift. In the initial consultation, McLean, Virginia plastic surgeon Dr. Germain discusses facelift options and discusses how to prepare for surgery, the procedures to be used, and what to expect during the recovery.

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