Neck Lift Cosmetic Surgery – McLean, Virginia

Sagging skin, excess fat, or the appearance of “cords” on the neck can be corrected through a neck lift in McLean, Virginia with plastic surgeon Dr. Germain. Neck lift plastic surgery with Dr. Germain can improve facial shape and balance, give the appearance of weight loss, and create a healthier and more youthful look. McLean, Virginia neck lift plastic surgery can also help restore a well-defined neck and jaw line.

McLean, Virginia plastic surgeon Dr. Germain is experienced in performing neck lift alone or in combination with other procedures. During a personal consultation, Dr. Germain addresses all questions and concerns. He also explains the procedure details, provides instructions on how to prepare for surgery, and explains what to expect during recovery.

We invite you to call our McLean, Virginia office at 703-442-8040 or contact Dr. Germain online for more information.